Seems like I once had a lot to say… at least 500 blog posts lead me to believe that.  I’ve not written here in a long time.  And it’s not for a lack of things to share.  I have a LOT of opinions on everything from politics and the current state of our government to what’s happening on the Walking Dead and the baptism on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

I stopped blogging when it became about creating a message for a platform — I just flat-out suck at promoting myself.

And truthfully, I didn’t HAVE to worry about it before, but when a publisher agrees to publish your book and then gives you some money for that book you feel a bit beholden to beat the bushes for a few sales.

But now, I am blogging for me!  Just to write about what I’m thinking (well, I promise to edit some of my thoughts or you’ll be reading one thing and off I’ll go on another…. aka the Squirrel syndrome!)   I want to talk about what I’m hearing, seeing, living, experiencing, feeling, — and I want to hear from the 6 people who may read my ramblings.  I want to talk about the funny and ponder the serious.  I want to engage in conversations that are longer than a facebook post or a tweet.  I want to write to His good glory not to make much of me.

I hope you’ll come along on this journey…. so tell me what do you want to talk about today?