I sailed to the Caribbean at least 30 times in the past eight years — and I’m probably underestimating that number, but let’s go with 30 cruises.  Ina few days I’m traveling back to the Caribbean, but this time I’ll fly into the Dominican Republic.  This time it will be different. This time it’s not about cruise ships and balcony cabins.  It’s not about buffets and main stage shows.  This time is different.  This time it’s about the work of Compassion.

Most of y’all know that I recently came to work with Compassion as a Speaker Relations director — which is just a fancy way to say I get to do work with amazing people and together we get kids sponsored — and released from poverty!  AMEN! I’m two months into this job and I wake up everyday and say “Thank you Jesus!  I love what I get to do!”

While I LOVE what I do, I’ve yet to see Compassion in action in the field.  But that ends soon.  And I’m a little nervous.  I would like to tell you I understand poverty, but I don’t.  I have never seen it up close and personal.  I would like to tell you that I understand what it’s like to grow up in a developing nation, but I can’t.  I may have a bit of head knowledge on these subjects, but there is no heart knowledge.   That’s ending soon when I head back to the Caribbean.

It’s not lost on me that my first trip with Compassion is to a Caribbean country.  It’s also not lost on me that a major cruise line is building a brand spanking new port in the Dominican Republic — I just LOVE how the Lord works!  This time I’ll see the side of the Caribbean that’s not about tourism — it’s about poverty.  I’ll see a side of the Caribbean that is beyond the walls of the cruise port and the kitschy shops filled with all manner of trinkets and souvenirs.   This time I’ll go behind the walls to see the real Caribbean.  The heart of the country — the children.

I’m excited, terrified, thrilled, but above all I’m so BLESSED to get to do this.  But let’s all agree it’s going to be one HOT adventure — after all it is July in the Caribbean, heck it’s hot there in November.  I can only imagine it’s going to be hotter than blazes in July!  And I’m giving my hair over to the humidity and just slapping it up in a ponytail.

Can’t wait to share all the adventures!