Salamander in my sink

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I just wanted some tea.  I didn’t see him… her?  at first.  I grabbed a glass and look down.  Oh my – there he, she, it, whatever — there it was.  Relaxing in my sink.  I jumped back five feet – and would’ve jumped farther if I had a bigger kitchen, but let’s just move on.  I crept toward the sink on tiptoes and don’t ask why I was on my tiptoes maybe it’s so I look even bigger to the 3 oz thing in my sink.

Lizard?  I can handle lizards.  Really they aren’t a big deal.  I can manage a little lizard.  But I wasn’t sure about this one – he wasn’t the standard issue green.  He had two yellowish stripes down his dark gray body.  Was he trying to match the stainless sink? I don’t know, but I didn’t trust him.  Never trust a dark colored lizard thing, that’s my motto.  Okay, it’s not my motto but is was in that moment.

I was stuck.  I couldn’t leave him (apparently I’ve now decided that it is a he) in my sink.  What if he escaped?  What would happen?  Madness I tell you, madness! I just can’t live in a house with an identified species of the lizard family roaming free.

The CAT!  Yes, the cat loves to catch lizard things.  So off I go to round up MK (short for Mole Killer)


But MK wasn’t intrigued with him since he refused to move and just sat there holding my sink hostage.  Kitty just made his way back to the basket he’s now declared his new napping spot.

I moved on to strategy two – find the longest utensil I own and see if I can get him out of the sink and maybe then MK will be interested.

AND that’s when I found out – it’s a SALAMANDER!  Lizards I can handle, but salamanders…. NO WAY!  They slither like snakes on legs.  It’s the wiggly way that just makes my skin crawl.

After squealing, jumping back and shaking my hands in the icky dance, I realized I had two choices – get rid of the salamander or give up my sink (and my kitchen).  I decided to tackle the problem head on.  I went after him again with my barbecue forky thing and noticed that he was barely moving.  Seems Mr. Salamander was exhausted from trying to get out of my sink.

After much thought, finagling, a large plastic container with a lid, and my trusty barbecue forky thing I was able to get him out of my sink and back into my yard.  The salamander lovers of the world should give me some type of rescue badge or possibly a  valium to calm my nerves.

I thought about the messes I’ve gotten myself in – well, I’ve never been stuck in the bottom of a stainless steel sink, but you get my point.  Messes that I couldn’t work my way out of and I finally just gave up and waited for rescue.

He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. (Ps 40:2 ESV)

I’ve been stuck in that pit of self destruction – and I tried desperately to claw my way out, but I couldn’t. Like the salamander I was stuck and exhausted — and I just waited.  I waited on my Lord to lean down from on high and pull me up.  And He did.

I’m so blessed by Him.

What about you?  Ever been like a salamander in a sink?


  1. Yep…I’ve been a salamander in a sink a time or two! Praise God that no matter how far we fall, or how stuck we become, we are never beyond His reach!

    Fun post, Mary!

    Living for Him, Joan

    • Ame to that Joan!

  2. Oh Mary, I was squealing with you as I read. I applauded you getting the forky thing and plastic to rescue him and get him outside. I on the other hand would have been screaming and getting family (if they were home) or a neighbor or I would have given the thing a heart attack with my shrieking screaming BUT your way was best and such a great example of us as people…

    wear ourselves out trying to get out BUT we finally have to acknowledge that ONLY GOD can and HE will. I’m so thankful to HIM!!!

    Great message! See you in a week…

    • Oh sweet Lisa if anyone had been home I’d never gotten anywhere near that thing! And girl, you better know there was much squealing and jumping going on!

      And yes! One week!!

  3. Mary….that was just awesome….thanks for the reminder that GOD is bigger than any obstacle or problem we encounter…..and I could just picture you doing the icky dance with that thing in the sink….question, did the dance help?? lol…love ya.

    • Girl, you know that dancing helps — it always helps. At least it helps my me!

      Love ya too girlie! Would love to see your sweet face soon!

  4. I am so glad I am not the only one!!! Lisa Todd and I went to a Going Beyond event in Hattiesburg last weekend and we had a lizard in our bathroom at the Hampton. Lisa did not tell me because she knows I would have had a fit!!!

    • Honey please! I know just what you mean about having a fit! I had one in my kitchen the day of the salamander.

      I know y’all had a great time at Going Beyond.

  5. Oh Mary,

    I;m still giggling. Wish I lived near you girl. What fun we would have… Girl, and I agree… So blessed by Him.

    Hugging you. Wish I was going to see you next weekend. Perhaps, next year. BIG hugs. Lynn

    • Oh Lynn — I wish we were closer, too! We would have a blast!!

      And I so wish you were going to be with us!!
      I miss your sweet face. And would love to sit down for a nice long chat.

  6. Oh my goodness! Mary! There is unity in the body of Christ even with the little critters of the world. :)
    Cathy and I went to see Priscilla Shirer last weekend…
    I found an itty bitty lizard in our bathroom in the middle of the night! Not that I was actually looking for one, or that I was happy about it, but it was there.
    I did not dare wake Cathy to tell her, because…well…you would have heard the scream all the way back here in Alabama if I had. :)

    Oh the adventure’s we girl’s can have!


    • I know y’all had a great adventure –even without the lizard. I know you always have a great adventure.
      You are such a great friend to keep the lizard info to yourself.

  7. Yes I have been…but I’ve never thought about it in quite those terms :o)
    You are definately a braver woman than I…and I am not ok with lizards either. Good thing there are not many of either here in Central Illinois.

  8. Ok, Mary –

    Now I have the heebie-jeebies and I am now sitting at my desk with a blanket over my feet because I’m afraid something will get me from under the desk! Thanks a lot! Now I guess I will always have to turn the light on in the bathroom at night!!!

    Wow! What a great analogy! We so do have to just give it up and let Him take control of the situation. And whadya know – He always knows the best answer to the situation!

    Love ya!


  9. Oh yes, I’m right there with you. I my own effort, I have tried so many times to be good, do good, get myself out of all manner of messes. Never works. Nope! Just wears me out. Great analogy.

    I’m never had a salamander, but have had a snake in the basement of the spec house that we built. Had to attack that nasty all by myself. Still shiver thinking about it.


  10. i commend you- i trap roaches under cups and ask other people to dispose of them for me.

    you, my friend, are a salamander saint!