Road Trip Dreams….

Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in adventure | 6 comments

  It was only a few months ago I was driving along old Route 66 with Melinda (best road trippin' girl ever!) I remember saying... "Wouldn't this be a BLAST if we could rent a coach bus and take a group along??"  Now, Melinda loves a party almost as much as I do, but she paused for a moment before she smiled and nodded.  I know she was thinking and this too shall pass... along with many of her wild ideas.  I am the queen of the BIG IDEA!  But I rarely get them beyond the idea stage.  But this road trippin' thing.... it may just have some sticking power. I truly WANT to put together a girlfriends adventure!  A week traveling the road (in a big fancy air-conditioned coach bus) and making memories along the way. There's so much I would love to do with this trip -- first up, I just want to make it happen.  But OH MY at the logistics!  Lots of planning, reservations, and cost... those big pretty buses are some more expensive!   And then WHERE to go?  When to go?  What do we do?  How do we do it?  How many can go?  Who would WANT to go? And the questions keep rolling!! Then the nerves set in... what if no one wants to come along?  What if I plan it all and... no one shows up?  Can I afford the loss? Breathe.  Trust.  Do the next thing. My dream... and it's BIG... is that the Lord will use this bus of women to excite and encourage those we meet along the way.  I would love to partner with churches along the way.  Come together in laughter and fellowship.  Reach out to women who might otherwise not want to 'do' church.   My dream  is about the HOPE and JOY of the Lord.  It's about just being you and loving life in Christ.  It's a dream that is God-sized -- and I'm trusting that God will make a way. I want to hear your thoughts, your ideas. What would you LOVE to see or do on a road trip like this?


  1. Mary, you can do this!!
    Your were BORN to do this!!
    It is a God idea to unite women across the miles. To generate laughter and fellowship and ministry without limits. I can not wait see this post explode with vision and dreams!
    Stay Strong in HIM today and you will not sway :)

  2. Would love to go…. :) When are we going Mary?? :) my bags can be packed in no time..

  3. This sounds like a BLAST!! I can only imagine the laughter this bus load of women will experience.
    What a blessing you are Mary R Snyder!

  4. Count me in, my friend! I think it is a fabulous idea:) There are so many places I would love to see. My only problem would be the time frame. I wouldn’t want to be out of work more than a week. I’ll be thinking of some ideas…

  5. What a marvelous idea Mary. I know you can do it and will find many friends to help. Let me know in plenty of time so I can get my bladder fixed. LOL

  6. I really need something like this!!! I am so excited to hear about the final plans! I am so ready to go!