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Episode 104 – The Retro Road Podcast Do – Over

Retro Road Podcast Do-Over Sometimes you just need a do-over, or so our kids tell us. Today's episode is just that. Tune in to hear us actually introduce ourselves (which we apparently didn't fully do the first time through), and fill in other gaping holes, all while...

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Episode 103 – Traveling by Train – Pt 2

Hello there and welcome to another episode on American train travel! While we talked extensively about the sleeping car in a previous episode, today we cover all the other types of cars on Amtrak’s trains, and how they truly set train travel apart from other common...

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Episode 102 – Traveling by Train

Listen to the new episode now! List All Aboard! On this episode we have a blast talking about train travel.  We discuss why we decided to travel across country (well, most of the country) by train and how we made it happen. On the show you'll hear us talking about the...

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Authentic Girlfriends: Real Women Finding Real Faith

Many women find themselves trapped in fake, spray-on kind of faith-based relationships. In Authentic Girlfriends: Real Women Finding Real Faith, totally transparent girlfriend Mary Snyder invites women to go on a life-changing and fun faith adventure together. Women will explore, through Scripture, how authentic girlfriend relationships should be. Developed with the small group in mind, this six-week study combines daily Bible study and weekly gatherings. A unique companion group guide gives women the opportunity to share conversation and prayer with a partner throughout the study. Women will explore differing personalities, boundaries, priorities, and most importantly, learn how to encourage one another to be consistent in looking to God’s truth for direction. Authentic Girlfriends is an easy-to-use, practical, fun tool to help busy women build godly friendships.