Make up, Hair and Jesus – Behind the Scenes

Posted by on Jan 18, 2012 in adventure, random ramblings | 6 comments

I got up EARLY this morning... before 6am early.  I had to be dressed, made up, hair brushed and reasonably coherent by 8:30am.  Oh, and I had to be across town at the local TV station by that time, too. A local morning show had me (and my book) on as a guest today.  After anxious hours picking clothes, planning hair and doing makeup I arrived at the station all ready to go! I signed in at reception.  Sat down on the couch.   I waited.  And waited and then waiting some more. Finally this cute, young girl taps me on the shoulder and says... ' are you the one with the God, Girlfriend something  book?'  I nod and she motions for me to follow. We wind through an office filled with cubicles and the noise of early morning office chatter. And  there it is - the SIGN that reads 'On Air' - whoa!  I thought I'd at least get to ask someone how my makeup looked or if my hair was working. Let's not EVEN talk about  my dreams of a makeup artist with a snazzy apron on to hold all her brushes & magic wands.   But nope, none of that -- we were walking through the door and smack up in the middle of the studio. Mystery girl (since I still don't know her name, title, anything) directs me to a sofa and then hands me a microphone to clip on my blouse.  I run the wire under and attach.  And then I wait. A few minutes pass. we go to commercial break and one of the two hosts walks over, sits across from me and asks me a couple of simple question.... and then it's "4 seconds" and we go live. We chat for about 2 minutes and I'm done. I got up early, did my makeup, fixed my hair and put on cute clothes.... I even put bronzer on my arms for this? But I'm blessed -- I manage to say 'Jesus Christ is the foundation for all relationships' and I was pretty thrilled to put that out there. So -- how was your day?


  1. Girlfriend! I am so proud of you! Like I mean, stand up and cheer proud! Go team Jesus! =D (ps…bronzer on your arms!lol)

  2. YES! Way to go! and that is really all you needed to say :)
    Love you

  3. Great job Mary! Mission accomplished – if one person heard and understood the message of Jesus Christ being our foundation of all relationships, then His purpose and your mission was fulfilled. Amen and Praise Him!

  4. You are totally priceless!!

  5. That’s awesome, Mary! Just know that in those two minutes seeds were planted, simply by speaking the name of Jesus!

    I just hate that I missed it…is it online anywhere? I know you were rockin’ that hairdo and bronzer! ;-)

  6. Yay! Girl, you got to be on TV talking about Jesus! Umm, yes, that was a huge blessing.