Is Jesus Enough?

Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in faith | 2 comments

  Is Jesus Enough? This question hit me like a runaway freight train.  I was just minding my own business and whamo - slamo I'm hit with this. Well, minding my own business is a stretch for me on any day.  I was working through my next book. Plodding through chapter synopses, rewriting the overview, and plotting the structure when the question hit --
Is Jesus Enough?
My knee jerk is to say OF COURSE He is!! Because He is.   But then I started looking at my life.  I began to look at all the blessings surrounding me.  I looked around at the incredible ministry opportunities I've had and that I have.  I was in awe of a God who would use me!  But if all that went away tomorrow -- Is Jesus enough? The last few months have been tough ones in my speaking / teaching ministry.   I've not had any new bookings in some time.  It makes me question my calling -- for a moment and then I remember He called me.  But what if I never speak to another group again -- is Jesus enough? I rolled that question around in my head for quite some time.  I pondered it, prayed over it and just thought about it.  Is Jesus enough? If I'm never inside a circle of close friends again -- but I have Jesus, is that enough? If I never write another book, article or even blog post or facebook status -- but I have Jesus, is that enough? If everything stops today.  All ministry.  All small groups.  All friendships.  All family.  And it's just me and Jesus.  Is that enough? As I tossed this question around, I knew I wanted the answer to be 'yes, He alone is enough.'   But I also knew I had to figure out if this is a truth in my life.   For  much of my life I've  said and done what is popular or accepted.  This time I needed to know only truth.  Not the popular, cool, Christian answer.  I had to know truth! Was it enough to just be me and Jesus? Would I be okay with that? Would I survive and thrive with just Jesus and no more? After hours of pondering, I can say YES!  He is enough. So I ask you the same question I asked myself - Is Jesus Enough?


  1. I had the same experience when we moved to a new church to pastor. Everything I had “know” as my ministry changed. Was it enough to be still before Him, could I be content in this new role? I’d like to say I got on board immediately, but truth be know, it took me over 18 months to come to terms with my new relationship with Him. The benefit – my life is better than it was before, because He is my everything!

  2. This question is what many are face with daily. Through the loss of employment, homes, even our beloved children. We must remember that all our “stuff” is really just stuff. We have to always remember that everything we have, children and family included, belongs to God, not us. When God asks us to part with something or someone that we love, will we willingly submit to His will? Yes, we will. Considering all the Jesus suffered for us, and how God had to turn away from the sin that Christ bore for us, any suffering we do pales in comparison.