Listen to the podcast now – Episode 101 – Retro Road – Introducing the show and Melinda and Mary Snyder   In today’s episode we introduce ourselves and our new podcast.   We are thrilled to have you join us on this journey. Our goal is to inform you, entertain you, encourage you and share with you the tips and tools so you can TAKE THE TRIP!   Life is short, enjoy the adventure! You’ll find us on Facebook at the Retro Road Podcast Page   — Come on over and introduce yourself.  We love meeting new friends and hearing from the old ones!         Glamping  —  Here’s a USA Today article all about glamping! What does Vivacious really mean?  According to  Webster’s dictionary —  We mentioned our very first train trip on the Grand Canyon Railroad.  You can find more information on that right here. – Grand Canyon Railroad  We are so happy you joined us today!!  We hope you’ll join us again next week! Happy Wanderings!