In a small place known as the Blogosphere, a 40ish woman sat down at her Dell computer and typed out the first words of her first blog post. That woman was me. I never really had a plan for this blog… didn’t truly know what I was doing, but I figured everyone else was doing it and I just hate to be out of the loop. So it began.

Here are some of the first words I wrote:

Welcome to my blog – Joy Filled Living. I pondered what to name this blog. I wanted something quick, snappy, and something that described me. I considered Slightly Frazzled, Mostly Optimist Ramblings of a 40ish Christian wife, mom, and writer, but it missed the mark on quick and snappy. It does describe me — but let me add this addendum …and Mother of the Bride. I don’t officially become the Mother of the Bride until May 17th, but for now let’s just call me the Mother of the Bride to be.


Now, back to this blogging thing – Joy Filled Living. Isn’t that what we are all called to? A life of joy. It’s not a life of comfort, but one of challenges. It’s not a life of ease, but one of substance. It’s not a life about me, but a life about Him. It’s a life filled with the joy of the Lord – not the happiness of getting my way, but the joy of walking in His Will.


I would like to tell you that I have always lived in the reality of this Joy Filled life, but I would be lying. I got to this place of a joy filled life the hard way, I took the scenic route, the road more traveled. I found this life of joy when everything else didn’t work—finally I looked to the author and finisher of my faith and found that He held the keys to a life of joy. So, here I am – living that life of joy.


The blog lost the name Joy Filled Living somewhere along the way.  The Bride is now a wife  and the Mom to my four year old grand boy.  The maid of honor, my baby girl, is now a married woman, too.  Life has happened in these last eight years.  Great blessings and great losses.  Our grandson Ben joined the family and we added Tyler, the new son in law.  My niece, Taylor married her man, Brandon.  We’ve been greatly blessed with all these wonderful additions.  Sadly, we lost my Dad two years ago — and that’s a hole that just can’t be filled.

My career has been everywhere.  When I started this blog I was just leaving a position as the Director of a non profit to work for Premier Christian Cruises — and now I’m a relationship manager for Compassion (THE BEST JOB EVER!)

Life is good, and it’s still filled with JOY.  Not simple, not easy but definitely Joy Filled.

I would say I will blog more, but that may not happen — and you know what — it’s OKAY!  If I have something to share, I’ll share it.  If not, I keep quiet … okay that’s funny.  I’ll never keep quiet.  I always have opinions and strong ones on all manner of stuff!

Happy 2016 — and Happy EIGHT blog anniversary!  Wow!