Navigating Mental Illness – or is it my fault?

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I remember when she first told me she was struggling with depression and anxiety, I immediately thought 'It's my fault. I should have been a better Mom. I should have held her more, listened more, paid more attention to her." But then I realized this is not about me and my insecurities over my faulty parenting.

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Endings, Beginnings and a NEW Adventure!

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I tried to come up with a clever title for this post..I thought of "And So I'll Say Goodbye for the Summer" and now that song is stuck in my head.  Then I thought "It's All About the Goodbyes" but does Megan Traynor (or however you spell her name) really need anyone take offs on All About that Bass.  I think not.  I don't anyone needs to hear anymore All Abouts -- be in Bass or Anything.  So, now that you know the details of my title decisions, I'll move on. Today at 5pm Central time I ended a season in my life.  I am no longer employed at Premier Christian Cruises (or Premier...

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The Tale of the Chevron Shirt

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I was going to title this post 'It's all About that Shirt' but I think the internet is just slap tired of the 'It's all About ...' references.  Not to say that I'm tired of them or of the song It's all About that Bass.  I LOVE that song!  It makes me laugh... 'cause I ain't no size two, either.  Not really sure that I can Shake it, Shake it. But back to the shirt. It's just a chevron top.  Nothing special -- unless you factor in the vertical chevron striping -- and I love a vertical stripe! The only special thing about this top is it is the very first thing I bought when I...

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A Heart Wide Open Christmas – Listen for the Holy – Day 19

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            ONLY Six more shopping days until Christmas!  My oldest daughter loves to announce the days until Christmas -- she usually starts when they are over 100 days!  She loves Christmas!  And the girl LOVES a countdown.  Me?  I'm not big on countdowns -- they freak me out!  When I hear X days until Christmas I immediately go to a list of what I've NOT done.  But not this year! This year I'm focusing on the birth of the Savior and not the marketing of man. This year I'm loving this Advent season because it reminds me that...

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Authentic Living – What does it mean?

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“You just have it all together.” I laughed when a new friend said this to me recently. We’d spent our Bible study session talking about living authentically.  I'd shared about my bible study on authenticity coming out August. She only sees Mary, the Bible study leader and writer. If she knew how I spent my early 20s, she certainly wouldn’t think that. I have one of those testimonies. I’m a girl with a story—a long, drama-filled one. I don’t walk around telling people about it—it’s not a great icebreaker. Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been divorced and I’ve spent...

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God Sized Dreams

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I'm so HONORED to have a fun message up at my friend, Holly Gerth's website.  Holly has a great book, God Sized Dreams -- and it's all about BELIEVING God for your dreams. I'll be honest, when I wrote / recorded this for Holly I had no clue what more the Lord was doing!  So I urge you to pick up her book -- it's WONDERFUL!!

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