Brain Aneurysm, Eye Pain, Infections and Hospital Stays — and Happy Birthday to Me!

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Well, what a couple of weeks it's been!  I wish I could tell you that it was uneventful and filled with me relaxing whilst little forest animals made me dresses and fixed my hair -- but I think that's Cinderella and she really has nothing to do with what's been happening 'round these parts. I made it through the aneurysm coiling like a CHAMP!  If whining about lying flat for hours is champion behavior -- and I think not crying out  'LET ME MOVE NOW!' is pretty much a super hero like strength, so champ I am! I came home with my wonderful husband keeping everything going while I rested...

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Hello… You have a Brain Aneurysm

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Last month I couldn't spell aneurysm.  I've typed and spoken this word thousands of times in the last 30 days.  Yep, I have a brain aneurysm -- Crazy, isn't it.  It hasn't ruptured -- so that is very good. How did I find it?  Well, funny you should ask -- there's a story. I've had this weird vertigo for the past few months.  I feel like I'm falling to the left -- it's just a feeling, I don't actually fall. Finally I diagnosed myself with middle ear infection -- well, me, google and my medical training (which came from binge watching Grey's Anatomy).  A round of antibiotics was...

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365 Days or is it 366?

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One year ago today I started on a new adventure (aka a new job) -- with Compassion.  It's been a year filled with fun and firsts. Went to a developing nation -- and I didn't just stay in the tourist section. Saw true poverty up close -- and it broke my heart. Stood over a table filled with child packets and cried when it hit me that this is REAL.  These children NEED a sponsor and not like i need a new pair of shoes.  This is a true NEED. Cried when I watched hands go up across an auditorium as my speaker asked 'who is willing to make a difference in a child's life?' Learned...

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Finding Your Passion even when you didn’t know it was lost

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One year ago today I opened up this little planner -- the Passion Planner and began a journey to finding my passion. Now, let me say that MOST people begin a new planner on January 1st or at least sometime in January.  Me?  I let that new year soak in for a month and then I get hopping.   So today I opened my new Passion Planner -- and remembered just how much this planner helped me make a change in my life.  Now, let me state that I do not believe the planner has ANY magical qualities -- nothing like that, but I do believe it helped me FOCUS -- and it helped to REMIND me...

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Eight Years Ago

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In a small place known as the Blogosphere, a 40ish woman sat down at her Dell computer and typed out the first words of her first blog post. That woman was me. I never really had a plan for this blog... didn't truly know what I was doing, but I figured everyone else was doing it and I just hate to be out of the loop. So it began.

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The OTHER Side of the Caribbean

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I sailed to the Caribbean at least 30 times in the past eight years -- and I'm probably underestimating that number, but let's go with 30 cruises.  Ina few days I'm traveling back to the Caribbean, but this time I'll fly into the Dominican Republic.  This time it will be different. This time it's not about cruise ships and balcony cabins.  It's not about buffets and main stage shows.  This time is different.  This time it's about the work of Compassion. Most of y'all know that I recently came to work with Compassion as a Speaker Relations director -- which is just a fancy way to say I...

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