Well, what a couple of weeks it’s been!  I wish I could tell you that it was uneventful and filled with me relaxing whilst little forest animals made me dresses and fixed my hair — but I think that’s Cinderella and she really has nothing to do with what’s been happening ’round these parts.

I made it through the aneurysm coiling like a CHAMP!  If whining about lying flat for hours is champion behavior — and I think not crying out  ‘LET ME MOVE NOW!’ is pretty much a super hero like strength, so champ I am!

I came home with my wonderful husband keeping everything going while I rested in the recliner or napped in my bed.  Talking became one of my least favorite things to do.  Because talking means I hear my voice in my head and my voice made my head hurt — well, really all voices made my head hurt, so it’s been quiet around here.  Also, the whole thinking / processing stuff is a bit much after the doc and his band of microsurgery peeps have been digging around in your brain and putting in coils of platinum and stents of titanium.  I found texting to be my friend — although I did have to change my fun ‘Bewitched Nose Twitch’ text alert to something LESS.  Samantha’s fun nose sound is only cute the first 789 times you hear it and then it’s just flat-out annoying.

Someone along the surgery prep way I got it in my head that while my surgery was less invasive I would leave the hospital and be 100% GREAT.  Let me share something — that DID NOT HAPPEN.  Heck, I was in bed for the first few days — just getting out of my PJs was a HUGE accomplishment on day 3!  But I was and AM thankful for all that God did!  I wrote this in my prayer journal when I got home.

Thank you JESUS!  I’m alive.  I’m not blind in my right eye.  I didn’t have a stroke!  Praise God!

And then Saturday happened.  I’d felt a bit under the weather — just ugh.   I went to take a nap — I’m a BIG fan of Naps — when I noticed this stuff on my leg.  That stuff was coming OUT of the incision site and it didn’t look good.   Off to the ER we go because it’s Saturday and all that jazz.  I’m thinking they’ll give me a prescription for antibiotics and maybe a big ol’ shot to get me started and I’ll be out of there and home before all the football starts.  Twelve hours later I’ve learned that an infection on an incision that is used to open your femoral artery is a bigger deal than one would think.  So, vascular team checks me out, my neuro team checks me out, general surgery does a look see — we are off to get a sonogram (which, by the way, are not that much fun when you’re looking a pus pockets as opposed to fat baby cheeks) and then it’s up to my hospital room back on the neuro floor because I’ve been awarded an overnight stay — lucky me!!

So overnight it’s all about the antibiotics and zero sleep but hey I’m not here to sleep, I’m here to to heal.  Early morning CT scan and MORE doctors discussing how to approach the problem — and I’m beginning to understand this is a bigger problem than I thought.  So, there’s this BIG ARTERY and no one wants to mess with it!  No one!  And after a sonogram and a CT scan we are good to go.  So my doc shows up with all manner of stuff in a bag and some really great drugs for my IV and away we go!

I remember talking alot about singing and thinking — we should ALL sing — while they are ‘opening up’ the wound and cleaning out the infection.  Opening up is code for cutting with what looks like a boxcutter and cleaning out means covering me with lots and lots of betadine — but I looked tan for a minute.  Now I just look yellow.

I’m back home and all is well — except for this incredible headache behind my right eye.  And the good thing about the eye ache is it’s completely normal and expected!  Unlike the infection that made for quite an exciting couple of days.  Here’s to hoping that the next few days are less exciting and more boring.  I could use a bit of boring right about now!

And yes, today is my birthday — Happy Birthday to me!