A Heart Wide Open Christmas – Listen for the Holy – Day 20

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I’ve been on a cruise ship for the last six nights — tonight is my last night onboard.  I’ve met some amazing people on this cruise –as I often do when I travel.  We’ve exchanged phone numbers and become fast facebook friends.   I could chalk up these new relationships to luck or chance – after all these are just people I met on a cruise.  BUT I know the God of the Universe is never casual or flippant.

I know that His Word teaches me to EXPECT the unexpected.  I know that God has a plan for every single person that I come in contact.  God loves each one of us — and for some reason He has allowed me to connect with a few new children of God.  Some of them know Him well and walk with Him daily.  Others do not know Jesus and have only heard the His name.

Today, I’m walking in the knowledge that God is doing something amazing in and around me — and you.  He is always up to the amazing, let’s just take the time to see the wonder.


A Heart Wide Open Christmas – Listen for the Holy – Day 19

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Dec18_day19_MarySynder_PrintableScreenShotONLY Six more shopping days until Christmas!  My oldest daughter loves to announce the days until Christmas — she usually starts when they are over 100 days!  She loves Christmas!  And the girl LOVES a countdown.  Me?  I’m not big on countdowns — they freak me out!  When I hear X days until Christmas I immediately go to a list of what I’ve NOT done.  But not this year!

This year I’m focusing on the birth of the Savior and not the marketing of man.

This year I’m loving this Advent season because it reminds me that God loves me so much He sent His son to die for me.

This year I’m listening for the Holy — do you hear it?  Shh, listen…. can you hear it?  Don’t let the noise and the lights distract you, God is with us!  He is here.  He has a  plan for you and for me.  He knows us better than we know ourselves and He loves us more than we can imagine!!


Find the printable for today here

A Heart Wide Open Christmas – Listen for the Holy – day 18

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I have to share something with you — I’m sitting on a cruise ship sailing in the Caribbean today.   It’s not a work treat, it’s a fun trip.  It’s a trip to rest and be refreshed.  I’m here with two of my dearest girlfriends, Karen and Melinda.  God blessed us so much with this trip — more than we can even comprehend.  But isn’t that our God.  He loves us so much and He blesses us so!   I miss these blessings because I’m too busy in the noisy life I lead to hear what God is saying to my heart.  I also attribute His blessings to luck, favor, hard work and chance — but it is ONLY in Him that we are blessed.  He is the Alpha and the Omega — He is before all things and by Him all things hold together.   He has finished the Work of our salvation.   He sent His Holy Spirit to us.

Today, I’m focusing on being filled with the Spirit.  I am thanking the Lord for giving me wisdom through the Holy Spirit and I’m drinking from the WELL that is Christ.

Breathe Him in today!  He is all that we need.


Click here to get a printable of today’s message.  

A Heart Wide Open – Listening for the Holy -Day 17

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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to check something off a list.

Now, it all honesty I don’t really LIKE lists — I’m not one of those linear thinkers or doers.  You know the type — they have everything in order.  Their lists are perfectly aligned and usually have fancy little boxes that are checked off in order.

I’m more of a roundabout thinker — my lists (when I actually make one) is filled with scribbles in the margin and very few checked off items.  But on the off chance that I DO complete something on my list, I get very excited.

There was a time when I checked God off my list — maybe not literally, but figuratively.  I would ‘do’ Bible study every morning and then close out my time with God.  That was it.  I was done.  I had completed my ‘religious’ thing.  I also checked off twice weekly church attendance and regular corporate bible study.

In my checking off, I missed out on the glory and the grace that is life in Christ.   As I moved from checking off to abiding in Christ, my life changed.  I know that it’s only when I’m IN Christ that I find my peace and my joy. I still don’t like lists though!

So today, let’s not ‘CHECK off’ our time with the Lord.  Let’s abide with Him.

Let’s stopping ‘doing’ our faith and starting living our faith.   That’s my goal for today — to abide in Christ.

 Click here to find the printable of today’s message. 

Just a Little Something New

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If you know me, then you know I LOVE reality TV, cruising, my man, my family and Jesus — and not in that order.

I also love my job — which I think I’ve established here and everywhere.  I love doing what I do and I love doing it with the people I do it with — and I love the new people I meet.

For the last several months I’ve been talking with these two brothers — they are such nice guys, you may know them from TV, Jonathan and Drew Scott.  The Property Brothers!  


I’m excited to share that we are doing the FIRST EVER Scott Brothers Cruise — Sailing with the Scotts: Ultimate Design Cruise!

Sailing with the Scotts


Now y’all know me — I just want to share everything.  Truthfully, I tend to overshare with people.  I find myself telling random strangers about my dog’s high blood pressure and recently diagnosed hypothyroidism — and trust me on this, most people are not interested.  And the not interested and blank stares do little to stop me from sharing.  So when I have news that people might actually be interested in — oh my, it’s hard to keep it in.  But I’ve kept it in when all I really wanted to do was SHOUT to all the INTERNET & on InstagramFacebookTwitterVineYouTubeVimeo-and-all-the-other-ones-I’m-not-cool-enough-to-know-about that I talked to Drew Scott on the phone!  But I didn’t.

Then I flew to Canada to meet Drew, Jonathan and their amazing creative director, Linda Phan — and I wanted to SHOUT again, but I didn’t.  I was all calm, cool and professional — well as professional as I can pull off.  I didn’t shout OH MY DOUBLE VISION BATMAN — it’s the SCOTT BROTHERS and then ask for an autograph and a picture — nope I didn’t but I thought about it. I did.  I just said hello and gave them both a hug. Then we talked business and ate good food.

I kept this all to myself — and the amazing team I work with — without them none of this would have happened.  I attribute my self control… well to God, He is truly the only power big enough to keep my mouth shut.

So, I’ll be back with more on A Heart Wide Open Christmas tomorrow, but I wanted to let y’all in on our latest cruise!!

Can you tell I’m a LITTLE excited about this one?

(I knew that one day all this TV watching would pay off… now if only I can get a Walking Dead Fan cruise!)