Recently, I went to see a doctor about having a bit of face work done — do not judge!  I wanted to see about getting my neck tightened — just a bit.  And since I was there, I thought why not ask about getting my eyes done.
I’ve always had heavy lidded eyes and have long wished for those  big beautiful lids.

So the doctor looked at my neck first — and explained that getting your neck tightened really requires getting your face tightened.  And he was nice enough to say I don’t need my face tightened — at least not yet.

Then he looked at my eyes…


“You are Asian, right?”

Uh…. no

“But you have Asian blood? ”

Blank stare



“Only Asians have these type of eyelids.”

Well –okay. And all this time I’ve been marking that Caucasian box on all types of forms.  Now, I’ll be marking that Asian box!

And I’m googling ‘makeup for Asian eyes.’