One year ago today I started on a new adventure (aka a new job) — with Compassion.  It’s been a year filled with fun and firsts.

Went to a developing nation — and I didn’t just stay in the tourist section.

Saw true poverty up close — and it broke my heart.

Stood over a table filled with child packets and cried when it hit me that this is REAL.  These children NEED a sponsor and not like i need a new pair of shoes.  This is a true NEED.

Cried when I watched hands go up across an auditorium as my speaker asked ‘who is willing to make a difference in a child’s life?’

Learned how to sleep on a glorified book shelf — also known as a bunk on a tour bus.

Spent the majority of three weeks living on a tour bus with 10 other people — none that I knew well before the adventure began.  Now I call all of them friends.  Don’t know what they call me — maybe crazy lady, but I had a blast!

I’ve gotten to know the people on my team and I’m honored to be among them!  They are talented, passionate, fearless, and funny!  They have answered my questions, talked me off of ledges, walked with me through crazy ideas and helped me navigate through this first year.

I’m honored to have an amazing roster of amazing speakers!  They are an incredible bunch who believe in Compassion and love the children of Compassion!  And I get to work with them.

While this year has been full of so many firsts and so much fun, I try to never lose sight of the children that have been sponsored this year!  Over 800 children by my speakers!  This is what it’s all about — children!

I leave you with a few pictures from my first year with Compassion!


My group in Nicaragua!  Missy Robertson, me, Jade & Chad Prather, and Kasey & Justin Van Norman


A view of the back yards in a village in Nicaragua




The Karen Kingsbury and family tour team!!




Me and Shellie Rushing Tomlinson  (she’s the Belle of All things Southern)