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Episode 110 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! Episode ten!! this episode is all about family traditions, food choices and Thanksgiving travel You can listen here,  or subscribe on iTunes, where we’d love to have your review! You can also listen on Stitcher and give us a rating...

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Episode 109 – Old Florida Tourism and Tim Hollis

Old Florida Tourism and Tim Hollis Do you save brochures, ticket stubs, and other bits of memorabilia from your vacations, or is that a throwback to the past? Today’s special guest, and author, Tim Hollis, was raised by a dad who saved it all and passed it on to his...

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Episode 108 – Halloween Travels

Boos, Oohs, Spooky and Not so Scary Halloween  Travel ideas  So, Halloween travel. Is it a thing? We asked that question of each other, and then set off to discover an answer. Come along for a discussion of 1960’s trick-or-treating,1980’s clubbing, Lizzie Borden and...

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Authentic Girlfriends: Real Women Finding Real Faith

Many women find themselves trapped in fake, spray-on kind of faith-based relationships. In Authentic Girlfriends: Real Women Finding Real Faith, totally transparent girlfriend Mary Snyder invites women to go on a life-changing and fun faith adventure together. Women will explore, through Scripture, how authentic girlfriend relationships should be. Developed with the small group in mind, this six-week study combines daily Bible study and weekly gatherings. A unique companion group guide gives women the opportunity to share conversation and prayer with a partner throughout the study. Women will explore differing personalities, boundaries, priorities, and most importantly, learn how to encourage one another to be consistent in looking to God’s truth for direction. Authentic Girlfriends is an easy-to-use, practical, fun tool to help busy women build godly friendships.